1. How long does it take to create my structure every month?
It takes upto 5-10 days add your links 2.0 structure every month.
2. How long will it take until my popularity improves though your service?
This varies on the website and also depends on many factors. It usually takes about three months to see significant results but you will see results within 3-4 weeks of starting your campaign.
3. What will you do for high rankings?
We will do many things like one way link building, Target Articles, social bookmarking. web 2.0's, Forum profiles, Wiki Links, High PR domains, Link and Anchor Text Diversity, Likes, +G1...
4. Will the Search Engines pick up all the structure?
We canít guarantee the exact number of structure the Search Engines will pick up.
5. Do you accept adult / gambling websites?
6. I have a monthly subscription. How do I cancel my Structure Account?
1) Log into your PayPal account. 2) Click on the History tab. 3) Find your subscription payment. 4) Click on Details. 5) Click on the transaction number that appears toward the top on the page. The transaction number looks something like S-57fg6¡u89856h. 6) On the bottom of the page there is a button to cancel your subscription, please click on it.
7. Can I see websites that will link to my website & ranking?
Not only work with backlinks! ...are softwares & sites for that. Be judicious in its use. You can be penalized: ahrefs.com / seopowersuite.info/rank-tracker .
8. Where do your structures come from?
We are not programmed your links. We have established relationships with several companies responsible for this They work to build your structure 2.0: web 2.0's, Social Bookmarks, Forum profiles, Wiki Links, High PR domains, Link and Anchor Text Diversity, ...
Can I be penalized for using the service?
No. You must estimated the structure you are buying. 
10. At stop paying my† structurte disappear?
Only the rented.†Most of the customers who have been with us 12 months, maintain their positions.
11. What is PENGUIN & PANDA?
An algorithm created by Google, which measures "with PANDA" quality backlinks, content, where they are ... We use 100% legal techniques adapted to this. That's why we can guarantee ranking increased almost 100%.
12. Do you have a money back guarantee?
No. Because of google updates, search engine optimization became a difficult task. And we think that we are working hard enough to maintain our clientsí rankings. Because of this we have changed our refund policy in 2012 


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